Google Spreadsheet Tutorial


(Some ideas courtesy of Google)


8 thoughts on “Google Spreadsheet Tutorial

  1. Just finished watching your video Lolery and you did a great job! I have never used Google Spreadsheet before so it was very interesting to watch your video. You did a great job at explaining step by step of how to get to Google Spreadsheet. There are so many different options to use that I feel I would be a bit overwhelmed at using for the first time. I think that over time it would become much more easier. I think the more you use the spreadsheet the more advanced you can make it. As a teacher, how would you use a spread sheet in your class or would you? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Carmelle. Spreadsheet may use to organize classroom schedules, activities, marks, and other management plans you have in mind for your classroom. It is the most used apps or program to help you manage everything creatively. Thank you.

  2. Great tutorial! You sound very professional and knowledgeable. I like that you highlighted the short-cut options. You make Google Sheets look user friendly. Do you think it is easier than Microsoft Excel? I think it would be very convenient for teachers to access their spreadsheets from anywhere through Google Drive. I didn’t know you could change the styles and colours! Thanks for showing some of the added features that are often left unused or undiscovered.

    • All the tools you need on Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet are all there and no need to download or request it from a third party. However, my laptop is a few years old, and perhaps was the reason I had trouble with this one here. I will just have to wait and see once I have a new laptop-planning on buying one this summer. Thank you.

  3. Nicely done, Lolery. I know nothing about spreadsheets, so wanted to learn more when I saw that is what you signed up for. This looks very user friendly. I like the option of making a spread sheet pretty.

  4. Great job on your tutorial Lolery! I really enjoyed watching it and learning about google spreadsheets. After watching your tutorial I feel like I could easily use this app. Your video was very professional and easy to understand. I am excited to try out spreadsheets and also use it in my future classroom! 🙂

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