Key Learnings and Experiences

PVL_AnchorTo start off, creating a blog was not part of my online studying a few years ago.  As I went through the assigned readings, I soon realized that it had changed a lot since I did my online studying.  A few more online learning trends are created, which is surprisingly great for both educators and students of all levels.  It is a very engaging way to teach, and to have software support that can enhance student’s motivation and creativity.  However, it made me feel anxious because I have no skills with these new trends.  I want to keep ahead with children so I can be an effective teacher.  Being good at the computer/applications, and software could give me a better edge in retrieving and finding information that could be useful for the classroom, and to make learning more productive.  In addition, there will be resources for them that they could check to help them with their homework.  It is important for me from here on, to continually familiarize myself with what is going on in terms of technology.

When I watched the videos, it was more like a throwback of the movie “Blast from the Past”.  It reminded me of how old-fashioned I was.  I remembered the last time I used the VCR. I felt bad because the last time I used the tracking of the VCR, I had wrecked it!  It is funny right now, but back then, I had received a good scolding from my parents.  I still have films that need throwing out, and never will I use a pay phone booth.  I see how fast the time flies! All these are obsolete. It is worrisome, but yet exciting. What about education? Perhaps most of the usual old school classroom equipment would be obsolete.  I have not decided if this is a good thing. We will just have to wait and see. In addition, it is amazing to know that primary students could keyboard faster than adults could, and it is true that students are no longer burdened carrying their textbooks to and from school.  It is also quite interesting having inquiry learning, where students take the lead, and all of them would create their own learning based on their own passion.  Obviously, the participants are intelligent.  However, would the course be productive because not everyone learns at the same pace and time.  The good grouping strategy could help, so those in need of help could learn from the best, and that could increase their engagement in the project… success is imminent.

Moreover, twenty-first century learning is continually changing because there will always be new trends.  Even though I had trouble creating my blog, I still had fun.  To learn how to use a variety of technologies is overwhelming, but I am here to learn accessing content, publishing, and be comfortable interacting with the world.  With technology, it is easy to reach people through video conferencing, blogging,  Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.  Teachers could use these to update parents about their students’ achievements, or classroom activities, or just to interact faster with the parents.  It is a way to welcome parents and get them  involved in their children’s learning by sharing their thoughts and ideas.

How did creating my own blog go? It was frustrating, but I figured it out.  At the end of the day, my blog site was slowly looking better.  Creating pages and posting was easy.  Even though I am not comfortable with having my assignments published for anyone to read, I had no choice.  I will just have to remember the goals for this blogging: one of the teaching approach that I can apply to keep students engaged while understanding their own learning process, take ownership of their learning, and explore to learn new things that can enhance students’ creativity and self-esteem.  I enjoyed learning how to blog and I have much more to learn.

(Image is courtesy of pearsoncanadaschool. CA).